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Points of Interest

Taipei Cinema Park

GPS coordinates = 25.03934, 121.50143

The Taipei Cinema Park is situated at the juncture of Kangding Road and Wuchang Street in the Wanhua District of...

The Red House

GPS coordinates = 25.04199, 121.50457

Holding a wealth of historic significance, the erection also exhibits the development history of Ximending inside. From the Japanese Colonial...

Longshan Temple

GPS coordinates = 25.03710, 121.49978

Classified as a class II historic site, the Longshan Temple is built in 1738. Other than holding a wealth of...

Hwahsi Street Night Market

GPS coordinates = 25.03849, 121.49857

Teeming with snack vendors, the Hwahsi Night Market is most celebrated tourist market in Taiwan. The market stretches 352 meters...

Ximending Commercial Hub

GPS coordinates = 25.04217, 121.50825

Ximenting is the local culture most representative of the Taipei people, featuring delicious delicacies and convenient traffic, allowing the Ximenting...

The Temple of Mazu, the Heavenly Queen

GPS coordinates = 25.04312, 121.50453

Originally named Monga Sinsing Temple, the shrine is now commonly known as Ximending Mazu Temple, or Ximending Temple of the...


GPS coordinates = 25.03669, 121.50165

The Bo-Pi-Liao Historic Block lies within Kangding Road, Guangzhou Street and Kunming Street near the Longshan Temple in the Wanhua District....


GPS coordinates = 25.05655, 121.50751

The Dadaocheng Wharf, which connects to Tamsui River, is situated at the intersection of Huanhe North Road and Minsheng West...

Taipei Main Station (Shopping area)

GPS coordinates = 25.04650, 121.51726

The Taipei Main Station is situated in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei City, R.O.C. It is an underground co-construction station...

Presidential Office Building, Republic of China (Taiwan)

GPS coordinates = 25.04036, 121.51257

As the Presidential Office Building, Republic of China (Taiwan) stretches from the small erection holding the front porch, its layers...

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

GPS coordinates = 25.03470, 121.52198

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Memorial Park are situated at the heart of Taipei. The majestic palatial architecture...